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Residential Local Service: Madelia, LaSalle

Dependable, local, and friendly customer Service from people you know and trust!

Local Service Charge $14.00 per month with unlimited local calling
FCC Access Charge $6.50 Federal Communications Commission Fee
911/Tele-Relay/Tap Surcharges    
$0.97 MN State Mandated charges
Inside Wire Maintenance $1.95 per month (optional)
(This protects our customers from any unforeseen service calls to repair damaged wiring within their home)

(Federal Universal charges, state taxes and federal taxes are not included)

Advantages of having Local Phone Service

  • Consistent, reliable, high quality services
  • Emergency services know where you are when you dial 911
  • “Contact Number”, everyone asks for them.  Do you really want all those people to have your cell phone number?
  • Bundle your Local Service with our Hi-Speed Internet services and save even more!
Anonymous Call Rejection

Refuse calls from those have blocked their numbers.

How it works:

When you’ve turned this service “on” any callers who have blocked their number from your Caller ID display will hear an announcement that you do not accept anonymous calls – and they should remove Blocking and call back.  All other calls will ring through as usual.

To “turn on” the service:

  1. Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.
  2. Press *77
  3. Listen for a confirmation tone or announcement. Hang up.

To “turn off” the service:

  1. Press *87
  2. Listen for a confirmation tone or announcement. Hang up

Note:  You will not be notified when or how many calls have been rejected

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