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All The Services We Provide For You

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We provide Local Telephone Service to Residents in Madelia and LaSalle

Dependable, local and friendly customer service from people you know and trust.

Advantages of having Local Phone Service

  • Consistent, reliable, high quality service
  • Emergency services know where you are when you dial 911.
  • “Contact Number” everyone asks for them.  Do you really want all those people to have your cell phone?!
  • Bundle your Local Service with our Internet Services and save even more 
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Long Distance for customers who have our Local Service.

The longer you talk, the less it is per minute!

  • Minutes used 0-60   .14 cents per minute
  • Minutes used 61 - 120   .12 cents per minute
  • Minutes used 121-350   .10 cents per minute
  • Minutes used 351-600   .08 cents per minute
  • Minutes used 601+   .06 cents per minute
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Residential Internet Services: Madelia, LaSalle

Internet Service from Christensen Communications offers a wide variety of high speed products perfect for any size family or business. With abundant email accounts, speeds, free use of modem and local tech support you will find we offer a fast, economical service

  • Consistently Fast Speeds
  • More Speed for Streaming
  • Free email accounts
  • Local Tech Support
  • Free use of company supplied modem
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Christensen Communications provides Business Services to Madelia, LaSalle, St. James

Christensen Communications Company offers business solutions for Phone Services, Long Distance, High Speed Data Services, Computer Network Management and Avaya Phone Systems.

  • Phone Service
  • Internet Services
  • Avaya Phone Systems
  • Computer Network Management Services
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SecureIT $4.95 a month.

Provides Full Service anti-virus software that protects your PC!

  • Anti-virus, Anti-spyware protection
  • Online malware protection
  • Personal firewall
  • Pop-up Blocker
  • Critical Windows update
  • Monthly online reporting
  • Live 24/7 technical support
  • Guaranteed installation available

SecureIT $6.95 month also includes:

  • Hard Drive Optimization
  • Parental Controls
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Christensen Communications offers Computer networking, service and repair for both business and residential customers.

  • Computer Diagnosis starts at $29.00
  • Computer Networking starts at $45.00/hr
  • PC Format and Reinstall of Programs starts at $75.00
  • Premium PC Clean-up starts at $75.00
  • Maximum PC Clean-up starts at $89.00

Why do I need to Reboot my modem?

Electronics are not built to constantly be running at all times, and power cycling (a fancy way of saying unplugging the power cord) helps with most issues.  Like other electronics, one of the biggest reasons you may benefit from rebooting your modem is because when you leave your modem on for too long, it will tend to stop performing at its best after a while.  Rebooting your modem can fix Internet connection problems, improve slow moving connections and resolve wireless issues. By unplugging the power cord from the back of the modem you are giving it the breather it needs.  Another reason is that when your modem is on all day, every day, it is slowly desynchronizing from the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This desynchronization causes the packets you are sending and receiving to become corrupt, requiring them to be resent, and thus, lowering your speed.  Try unplugging your modem on a monthly basis to stay proactive. This will not cause any harm to your electronics as it is simply a way of rebooting the system. If your problems continue please call the CCC office and a representative will lend a helping hand!

How to reboot your modem:

1. Shut down your device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.).
2. Unplug the power cord from the modem and your router. Verify you have unplugged the correct cords by checking that all the lights on the modem/router are turned OFF.
3. Wait 1 minute, then plug the power cord back into the modem and then the router.
4. Wait for the Internet light to turn green.
5. Turn your device back on.
6. Try connecting to the Internet.

Please refrain from pushing the reset button on the back of your modem as doing so will require a reconfiguration in the system.

Christensen Communications

Service is the most important product.

The Company can trace it roots back to 1903 when 48 local citizens formed the Madelia Telephone Company.

It was these citizens who approached C.S. Christensen Sr., then owner of the local flourmill, and asked him to purchase 25 percent of the original stock. Over the years the Christensen family acquired more telephone company stock and today Everett M. Christensen totally owns the company.

Founded 1903

3rd Generation Owned

Bundling Available

Local Company

Computer Repair

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Candy: $2.00

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 7:00 pm

Tickets: $5.00

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117 W. Main St., Madelia, MN  
P: 642-3333 F: 642-5500

Technical Help

We are always here to help you, by calling the office at 507-642-5555. 

What are these charges on my phone bill:

  • Access Line Charge – this is the cost of a land line. The Access recovery charge is the Government portion of the Access Line Charge.
  • Federal Universal Service Charge and Telephone Assistance Surcharge - All telecommunications service providers must contribute to the federal Universal Service Fund, which allows those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries to access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates through programs and initiatives such as the Connect America Fund, Lifeline and E-rate.
  • 911 – To help local governments pay for emergency services such as fire and rescue.
  • FCC Line Charge - Local telephone companies recover some of the costs of telephone lines connected to your home or business through this monthly charge on your local telephone bill. Sometimes called the federal subscriber line charge, this fee is regulated and capped by the FCC, not by state Public Utility Commissions.
  • Telecommunications Relay Service – To help pay for relay services that transmit and translate calls for people with hearing or speech disabilities.

Internet not working:

Before calling to report, most of the time powering down the modem, router and computer and then powering back up will reset it and will start working again.  (If you have everything plugged into a power strip, just unplug or shut off power strip) NEVER…hit the re-set on the back of the router.  If this does not solve the problem, please call the office at 507-642-5555 to report the trouble. 

Setup Email Client:

- Login Requirements: Full e-mail address in user name field
- Incoming Mail Server (POP3):· webmail.cccinternet.net
- Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):· webmail.cccinternet.net
- Secure Password Authentication:· Required for incoming mail
- SMTP Password Authentication:· Not Required for outgoing mail
- Incoming (POP)·Port Server:· 995
- Outgoing (SMTP)·Port Server:· 465
- Incoming server requires encrypted connection (SSL)
- Outgoing server requires encrypted connection (SSL)
- You will need to access·new CCCINTERNET WebMail to view items in the new spam folder. 

Area of Coverage:

Christensen Communications is the Local Exchange Carrier in Madelia, MN  (this includes rural Madelia).  We also provide telephone and internet to LaSalle, MN.  Telephone and internet service is provided to parts of St. James, MN (mostly in the business district). 

Maintaining Telephone Capability During Electrical Outages

Christensen Communications has two delivery methods for our service, copper and fiber (also known as Fiber to the Home). Customers who are on our copper wire are connected to our central office and will not have an interruption to their telephone service in the event of a power outage, as long as the customer uses a corded phone. You may want to consider maintaining at least one corded phone to use during power outages.

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